WCHL 22/23

The Women's Central Hockey League (WCHL) is an 18+ recreational women's ice hockey league dedicated to encouraging women – regardless of talent or experience – to participate in the wonderful sport of ice hockey. The skill levels within the league span everything from those who grew up on skates and have played in college (or even skated with the pros) to those who have never strapped on ice skates or played a sport in their lives. 




WCHL season typically runs from October 1st to the end of March.


Games and practices will be hosted at Brentwood Ice Rink

Teams will travel for their WCHL season. This could be Illinois, Indiana and possibly Wisconsin.


Brentwood Ice Rink

Sunday mornings



Games will vary between 10-15 per season. We will know more after September 10th.


Lyons jersey are encouraged by the club. If you do not have a jersey, please contact us at


Extra Costs

Once WCHL notifies us of the fees, we will update the costs for playing in the WCHL

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just play in games?

We prefer that all players attend practice as much as possible. We feel players dedicated to team growth and attending practice help make the game experience more enjoyable for everybody.

I can't travel, can I just play home games?

We understand a commitment to every single travel game can be difficult be we encourage all players wanting to play in the WCHL to make as many travel games as possible.

WCHL 22/23

Registration for WCHL travel teams are now open.  We have a limited amount of roster space for each team so please register ASAP!!

We may not be able to accommodate all players wishing to play this season, however we do offer a house team. We will continue to search for local game and tournaments for all players within our club.

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