Try Hockey!

Interested in trying hockey? Then you are in the right place!

The St. Louis Lyons Hockey Club welcomes new players and those returning to the ice or looking for a club. Whether you are brand new to the sport or a returning player that is looking for a new club you are more than welcome to drop in with us during one of our practices. 

So what could be better than hockey? Free hockey! First time drop ins are ALWAYS free!

Don't have equipment? No problem! Many times we have extra equipment available for a new player to get a taste of hockey without having to rush out and buy new/used gear.


We are a Women's 18+ recreational club. If you are looking for youth hockey feel free to email us and we can help you find a local youth girls organization.


We will host our new players during our practice sessions.

Required Equipment

All players are required to wear full equipment when on the ice. If you have your own equipment or maybe just some of it, please make sure you confirm you have every item listed below.

Helmet (preferably with cage)

Shoulder Pads

Elbow Pads


Hockey Pants

Shin Pads



Additional Equipment

Below we've listed some additional items that you may want to purchase or see if you can borrow. I'm sure you wouldn't mind borrowing a sweater, but we'll leave the mouth guard to you.

Hockey jersey/sweater

Hockey socks

Jill / Garter belt

Mouth guard

Sock tape

Stick tape

Try Hockey!

Well, I think we eliminated some of the excuses you had running through your head...  So go register! It is free after all.

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